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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sex With Hot Computer Teacher

Hey ISS readers i am dhruv'lovesx' sharing my experience with a teacher when i was in school back in 2009. I am a commerce student living in New Delhi , i am 5'11 and have a strong build and i am fair looking average guy. I love to spend time reading , playing and reading sex stories specially at ISS. For Feedbacks contact me at , i will be happy if you girls out there contacted me and shared your story. Now moving to year 2009 i was studying in a big school and was in 11 class, i chose commerce as i want to be finance profession. From small age i was fascinated by the computer and so i was good at it. It all started when a new teacher came in for our IT subject who took my heart and soul away. Her name was Rita and she was a beautiful fair looking woman.
She was 25 and i was 18 that time. Now let me explain her body , she was kind of busty woman with 36 32 36 figure but her eyes was very beautiful. She always wore a saree with back less blouse now i dont know why that was allowed but i loved the fact that she was bold. Every other male staff was always around her stalking those assets of her and admiring it. Girls i was a good student in studies and sport which made me a good boy in school and my reputation was good among teachers. I was also involved in personal life of many teachers.
As she was new so i made a move by asking her to get familiarize with lab with me to which she happily agreed, as i was showing her lab her nice round ass was tempting me a lot and i really wanted to touch it so i deliberately fell on her as i was behind and while falling i pressed her ass with my both of the hands and guyz the pleasure was extreme, her ass was so soft that it felt like a cushion and to end that pleasure she picked me up revealing her sexy cleavage , now i made up my mind to have sex with her. After a week or so we were good friends and talked very much, i was happy the sex day was nearing.
After a month i was spending most of the time with her and i got to know that she was single and lived alone in a house nearby the school. We started sharing lunch and also our personal life. One day she asked me Rita: Do you have any girlfriend? Me: No! Rita: why, are you not interested in woman? Me: no mam its not like that i had girlfriends but none of them were like i wanted. Rita: what type of girl you want then?
Me: beautiful , bold and sexy. Rita: sexy? You are talking to your mam now! Me: for me you are great teacher but you are my friend first! Rita: oh so cute! Me: i want girl like you! Rita: i am sexy? Me: ya very sexy and beautiful! Rita: shut up ! You naughty boy. After this talk i was sure that i have made a mark in her mind that i like her and wanted a girl like her, now i knew that she is a girl before a teacher and will definitely think about it. As days passed we were into each other and talked openly about relationships and sex! She told me she had sex several times and last was with her personal trainer , now listening to this i was happy and my goal was nearing. After two months we were alone in lab as it was school last period, i made a bold move i came from behind and put my arms on her belly and kissed her on neck to which she was stunned and the she pushed me back.
It was a 5 second pause which i felt it was for years and then she slapped me and jumped over me and started to kiss me on laps as i was holding her ass and her boobs were rubbing my chest and giving me heavenly feeling. We kissed for 10 minutes and then i remove her saree pallu to reveal her blouse and cleavage i kissed her cleavage and licked it then i sucked her nipples through her blouse and meanwhile she rubbed my dick with her hands, and as i was going to tear her blouse and hold those melons she said me not here and then she grabbed my hand and escorted me to her car and said we will make love at my bed. I was so happy that i was just 10 mins away to fuck the woman of my dreams. We reached her home and she locked the door again jumped me and kissed me and said show me your animal hearing this i lifted her and i throw her on bed and quickly removed my shirt revealing my body which made her much more horny.
I jumped over her removed her saree and literally teared her blouse to which she said 'thats what i want now feel me ' i removed her bra and there was huge sets of great lovely juicy melons i just attacked the left one first and licked it sucked it juices which were so sexy and at same time i grabbed the other one and gave her pleasure to which she moaned like anything . I played with her breast for 15 mins then she said it my turn she grabbed my dick and licked it kissed and finally took my dick in her mouth, her mouth was so warm and it felt really nice. Then she gave me a blow job which she enjoyed it.
After some time i grabbed her ass and inserted my dick into her which was very tight to insert so i spanked her hard and tried slowly to insert my dick as i entered she made loud noises and moaned like anything and then i stroked her ass for few minutes then she said that she wants it in doggy style so i picked her and fucked her from behind. I stroked my dick very fast into her which gave me loads of pleasure meanwhile i was pressing her breast and she was saying 'fuck me you beast fuck me more' i was saying 'oh yeah yeah fuck you ,oh oh oh' .
Then after fucking her doggy style i moved on to the bed and she moved on top of me , then with great pain and pleasure i inserted my dick and said ride me like a horse. She was moving back and forth which was so so pleasuring and them to make it ultra pleasurable she started jumping on my dick and i could see her big breast which i caught like football and pressed it hard.
We changed our position to standing and i lifted her and fucked her against the wall which was very tough for me but guys believe me i got greatest pleasure of my life doing that i drilled her for 10 more minutes in that position and she was crying to stop. I was about to come and that i told her and she said to me that she wanted inside her mouth so she took my dick whole in and i emptied my load inside her mouth then she liked all my load and kissed me and said ' thank you , i wanted this' then we cleaned each other and got dressed, she made me lunch and we ate it lovingly.
After that we had sex several times and now she is married and we are good friends. Hope you guys liked my story. I m reading sex stories at ISS and making next sex talk friends to which i am loving it. By my stories i want to reach out to all of the girls and encourage them to share there stories with ISS and me .
We can be good friends and i can help you write your story plus can discuss on more stories. So girls of any age please give me feedback on my story. I am dhruv and i live in Delhi and i am 21 years in age. Thank you love you all!

Me And My Sweet Aunt

Hi friends. This is abhi from bangalore. I would like to narrate you a incident which was taken place in between ma and my sexy aunt in hyderabad. This is first story friends if at all any mistakes feel free to mail me so that i can do better in my further proceedings. Well coming to the story i am of 25 yrs of age right now and this incident was happened around 21 years i think. My aunt name is lucky this was kept by me and i would use the name lucky in this overall story. I use to go to her house daily in return from my college. My college will be left at 4pm in the evening and t that time i use to go to her house where her husband is working on other region. She use to live with her children and their age is around 15 and 10. They use to go to school and come home around 6pm.
Till that time i use to watch aunty acts initially.She use to wear some what transparent blouses and she is in work the saree use to slip and i can have a visibility of her boobs and nipples. From there only i use to watch her in wrong angle. One fine day in the afternoon as i went to her home i saw her husband in home and he greeted me hi and welcomed me into house and i came to know that he is suffering from fever. So he went to bedroom and taking rest. In the mean while my aunty is taking rest in hall on diwana. I went near her and slept beside her after some time i found that her boobs are pressing my back and at that time i got some tension and did not strike what to do so i finally turned to her side and next my hand from down to touch her blouse and at that time she is wearing her nighty.
As this incident ia going on my brother wake up. Here my brother is my penis i.E cock. I used to push my cock towards her and after 15 min sperm has been released in my underwear. I went to washroom and cleaned myself. After some more days she was sleeping in the afternoon on the floor. As it is in summer season the weather is too hot. I again went beside her and slept and kept my hand on her stomach from there i tried to touch her blouse. Finally after some attempts i have reached to her blouse. I tried to move my hand into the blouse from down but it is not possible so i found some gap in between the hooks of her blouse till that time i was slightly pressing her blouse and i m interested and busy in finding her nipple. That is the first touch for me to touch women nipple at that age. It is somewhat great feeling i felt. After that i inserted to touch her boobs from the gaps of hooks and the boobs are white in color and so soft.
I removed one of her hook and kept my hand inside. As i m doing all these actions she didnt said any objection or something and i know that she is really enjoying my acts. So i have proceeded boob pressing for some day like this. On other day when i went to her house the doors are kept open i rushed into the house and caught her from behind while she is preparing some dish in the kitchen in the mean while i am touching her boobs under her pallu and started pressing my dick into her ass and saw some feelings in her that she too enjoying the act.Nothing more done on that day. Like this i am enjoying her day by day.
One day we went to some tour we children are sitting in one car and our parents are in another car. Her daughter got tired and slept an my thighs and kept my hands on her and accidentally they were slipped to her boobs and i obviously pressed them they to are also so soft and i kept inside the dress and found the nipple erect and it was hardrock. I thought her mother and herself are maintaining good pair of boobs.
After lunch she come in our car and sit beside me and in the night she slept on my thighs and i continued the same act till night. So i enjoyed a lot with her boobs but its time to reach her pussy and i am waiting for chance how to proceed. Finally i reached. We are going to my village in auto and i am little bit tired and slept on her thighs but when i slept there i found her navel and i cannot control myself and kept one hand itching on her pussy and another hand inside to her saree from down and i saw her face and found she is also acting like sleeping and finally i reached her pussy and kept my hand inside the pussy and found some wetness there. At that age i did not have any idea what and how will be there. Like this we both are enjoying when ever we have a chance.
One day she has taken one tablet which she feels sleepy on that day no one in home so i directly kept my hand on stomach and lowered her saree and kept my hand inside her saree and touched her pussy and do finger fuck for 5 min and pressed her soft balloons(boobs) like anything but i did not found any reaction in her after 15 min she woke up and at that time i m watching tv. She came near me and asked what happened to me i found something wrong near my leg. I too acted nothing happened how can i know what happened to your legs. And we behave normally sfter some time.
And finally one day at 11 am i went to her home and at that time she was getting prepare for her bath. For your kind information there is no roof for her bathroom and it is attached bathroom and top open beside that there is semi furnished cupboard.As she entered into the bathroom after i heard the water falling on her body i began to search to see whether there are any holes for door to watch her but i found nothing and saw the cupboard and climb that cupboard to see full nude and finally i got and after coming out she wore a cotton saree of yellow and dark green combination and green color blouse which suits her and looking sexy too.
And after taking lunch and she feels somewhat sleepy and went to sleep and as soon s she feels sleepy i 2 felt same and went beside her to sleep.And kept my hand on her boobs and found her breathe is increasing and i am pressing her boobs and after some time she turned towards me and i unhook her blouse and raised up and suck her nipples for 10 min the nipples became too hard and her boobs and more softer than be for and i started to put my hand inside her saree and found her pussy it was fully wet and i started finger fuck for some time and raised her saree and i unzip my trouser and released my brother and kept head near her pussy until now she controlled but as the touch of my dick touched her she cant manage more by seeing the size and pushed her towards me and started to enjoy after then i released cum inside her with her permission only and asked her why she has waited till now for fuck and she replied that she got fear in herself and if it is known to anybody her marriage life will spoil and asked me not to tell regarding this to anyone.
I replied are you mad how can i tell and miss you. She hugged me tightly and we both taken bath after the sex in the washroom and had one more session.
Like this when ever we get opportunity we had enjoyed a lot and i got job in Bangalore in software and i miss her until now i have not reveled our matter to anyone.
Guys i hope you all njoyed the story and u feel honry too. Even i feel honry while writing the story and regained the incidents how i enjoyed. Any girls or aunties who has gone through the story and u too want to enjoy like this means you can feel free to call sothat i can fullfill your desire of not getting satisfaction with your boyfriends or your hubby. It will be maintained very secrecy and nodoubt in that and you can enjoy at your place.This is my mail-id for those people who can leave comments,suggestions and requests. Catch u later. Byyyeeeee

Meri Hot Badi Behen

Hey Friends this is my first story on this site, a true life incident hope you like it. Mai apna naam to nahi batunga but mai aap sab ke sath apni life ka ek aisa incident share karna chahta hu jis mai aaj bhi yaad karke bhut dukhi hota hu . aap ko story ke end mai pata chalega ke mai dukhi kyu hota hu . 3-4 saalo se sex stories padh padh kar specially insect mujhe ye incident yaad aaya . Kai baar socha ki ise kisi site par share karu per guilty jaisa feel hot tha . Bcz mujhe to nahi lagta ke maine jitni stories padhi unme se koi sachi bhi hogi ke nahi Per aaj deside kiya or likh diya . Meri age is waqt 21 saal hai or mai shimla ka rehne wala hu. Meri ek cuzien sister hai jo mujhse se 2 saal badi hai.
Vo mere taya-tayi ki beti hai . Ye baat aaj se takriben 10 - 11 saal pehla ki baat hai mujhe exect yaad nahi hai . Mai holidays mai apne taya-tayi ke ghar per gaya tha . Unke 2 bache hai ek beta jo mujhse 4 saal bada hai or beti jo ki 2 saal badi hai . Vo dekhne mai itni qayamat nahi hai but itni zarur hai ke koio use ek baar dekhe t raat ko use yaad karke ek bar muth to zarur marega hi. Matlab agar mai use 10 mai se pts du to 8.5 to bante hi hai . To jais emaine batay tha ki mai holidays mai uske ghar per tha to raat ko mai or meri sis ek sath sote the . Mere dimag mai aise to koi intensions kabhi bhi nahi aaye the but situation aise thi ki na chahte hue bhi mai apne aap ko roke nahi paya .
Kafi din unke ghar rehne ke baad ek raat hum kisi topik pe baate kar rahe the . Kuch dar baad jab hum sone ja rahe the to usne kaha ki , " mai jab sone jaati hu to mujhe ek dam se neend aa jati . Agar koi mujhe hilaye bhi to mujhe pata nahi chalta . Yakeen nahi hota to 2 min baad hi mujhe kuch bhi kar ke dekh liyo mujhe pata nahi chalega. " Mujhe laga sach bol rahi hogi to maine socha ki mai ise gudgudi karunga . Par jaise hi mere deemag mai ye khayal aaya usne ek dam se kaha ki ' " gudgudi nahi karni ". Phir usne aankhein band kar li or mai sochne laga ki mai kya karu . Kuch dar baad usne karwat li to uski peeth meri taraf ho gayi or uski kamiz itni upar ho gayi ke mai uske pat ko dekh saku . Mujhe ni pata ye usne jaan bhuj ke kiya ke galati se ho gaya per mera to dimag kharab ho gaya.
Phir maine jyada nahi socha or apna hath uski kamiz mai dalte hue uske pure pat ya phit NAVEL per phera at least 2-3 baar or thoda sa upar ho kar uske gaal pe kiss kar diya or karvat badal kar sone ki koshish karne laga . Ye sab karke maza bahut aaya or mai ye sab yaad hi kar raha tha ki usne achanak se mera naam liya . Meri phatke hath mai aa gayi . Usne bola , "Maine tujhse jhut kaha tha ki mujhe ek dam se neend aa jati hai" or phir chup ho gayi . Meri itni buri tarah phati padi thi ke mai puri raat vaisa ka vaisa hi leta raha. Subha hui to usne hi mujhe uthaya . Himmat hi nahi ho rahi thi ki mai uski taraf dekhu bhi . Dar lag raha tha ki vo taya-tayi ya mere mom-dad ko kuch bol na de , but usne aisa kuch nahi kiya or 2-3 din mai main bhi uske sath normally behave karne laga .
Jaha tak mujhe yaad hai 15-20 din baad hum apne gaaon (village) gaye mai taya tayi ke sath hi tha or gaaon mai hum sabhi rishte dar ikathe hue the . Shayad koi function tha ya kisi ki shadi thi . 2-3 din baad mai or meri cuzien dono ek sath ek hi razai mai lete hue tv dekh rahe the or us room mai 6-7 log or bhi the. Hum sabhi koi movie dekh rahe the to usme ek song aaya jo us time ke hisab se sexy tha itna bhi nahi per meri age ke according to tha . Thik movie khatam hui sab sone lage . Mai or meri sister ek sath usi bed pe so rahe the . Lights vagera band karne ke baad meri cuzien ne mujhse se baat karni shuru ki . Mai normally baat kar raha tha . Or pichle incident ko mai bilkul bhula chuka tha . Baatein karte karte usne mujhse puchi ki mujhe movie kaise lagi maine kaha achi thi .
Phir usne song ke baare mai pucha maine kaha vo bhi acha tha . Vo song kaun sa tha mujhe yaad nahi per us song ek chota sa scene yaad hai ki usme hero bandi ke navel se lekar uske muh tak touch karta hua ja raha tha vo bhi lips se . Usne smooch nahi le the per bandi ke boobs ko lips se touch kata hua gaya . Phir usne bola jo hero us gaane mai heroin ke sath kar raha tha vo mere sath kar . Meri phir phat gayi . Mai kar bhi kya sakta tha chup chap pada raha . Usne phir se bola mujhe karne ko mai phir bhi thas raha. Maine jab koi risponce nahi diya to vo boli, "kar mere sath jo song mai ho raha tha nahi to mai mami papa ko bata dungi tune mere sath ghar per kya kiya tha". Mere to gale mai hi aa gaye . Himmat ki niche ko hua or uski nevel ke paas pahunch gaya Or phir upar aane laga per use touch nahi kiya or jab uske boobs ke paas pahuncha to ek dam se upar aa kar bola ki mujhe yaad nahi rehta movie mai kya hot hai or kya nahi
Thodi der tak vo chup rahi or phir bina kuch bole so gayi . Subha sab normal tha or mai us incident ko bbhul gaya . Is incident ko kaafi time ho gaya per iski yaad bahut aati hai >Pehla jab kabhi yaad aati to bahut hi zyada guilty feel hota tha . Per ab jab mai sochta hu to yahi dimag mai aata hai ki agar us raat himmat ki hoti to aaj maine uske sath kitne maze kiye hote. Ye incident mujhe last year bahut yaad aaya jab uske bade bhai Yani mera cuzein brother ki shaadi hui . Usme usne deep neck vala lehanga pehan rakha tha or jab vo tayaar ho rahi thi to mujhe uski cleavage bhi dikhi thi . Ab mai sirf use yaad karke muth hi maar sakta hu. So friends kaise lagi ye story its true life incident. Like it , Coment it

Sote Hue Mamiko Choda

Hey readers, again here I m with a new story;I m soumya from Bhubaneswar,Orissa. Aap ko bina boar kiye main story pe ata huin. ye baat tab ki hai jab main 10th standard main padh rahatha.usbaqt garmiki chhutti main apne mamake yanha geyatha.wanha mere do mama rehte hain.dono married hain .bade mami ki age usbaqt sayad 30 ke ass pass hogi,mujhe thik se nehi pata.unki ek chhota beta v hai.wo moti hai but dikhne main bahot achhi hai.or map kaena mujhe size ke maamle main utna gyan nehi tha.wase class 8th se mujhe sex ke ware main kuch kuch pata tha,to kisike sath sex karneko bahot maan kar rahatha. Mere dono mama din main apne apne office chale jate the to ghar main sirf main ,mere dono mami or bade mama ki beta.din bhar main apne kamo main bg rehta tha or saam ko tution chala jata tha.raat ko chhote mama or mami apne room main sote the,hamara dusra ek ghar tha to bade mama jatatar wanhi sojate the,main badi mami ke pass sota tha kyun ki unki beta hamesa mujhse chipak ke rehta tha to mami v uske sath mere paas sojati thi.main roz raat ko jaldi sojata tha quin ki din bhar khel ta jo rehta tha.ek din subha jab main ghar main ese ghum rahatha to badi mami ko saree change karte hue dekh liye.
Mere se to control nehi hua.usdin mujhe sirf unki back side dekhne ko mouka mila.wanha se main sidhe bath room main chala geya or muth marne laga.ab rooz main mami ko galat najar se dekh ne laga.jab v wo rasoi main hoti thi to main pichhe se jaa kar uski gand dekhta tha or usi se maan behlata tha.phir mujhe raat ko nend nehi aya.soch ta rehta tha kese mami ko chodun.per mami ko sote sote raat 2 baj jata tha kyun ki mere bade mama roz raat ko der se lout te the.ek din maine mami ki sone ka wait kia.mamiki sone ki kuch der baad maine bed light off kar dia or mami ke bête ko side main karke mami ke pass chala geya.first maine mami ko thoda idhar udhar touch kia phir mera ek haat unke belly ke uper rakh dia.wanha se thoda himmat karke haat unke boobs ke upper legeya or boobsko squeeze karne laga baad main blouse ke buttom kholdia.jese hi maine buttom khol dia to dono boobs bahar ageyen or maine usko squeeze kia suck v kia.uske baad maine mami ki saree or peticoat upar kar ne laga.dar to bahot lagrahatha bt mujhse control v nehi ho rahatha.fir main mami ke upper ageya or us tym mami ne mujhe pakdke side main karliya.main to pura dar geya tha or jake sogeya.
Subha utha to maine mami ki najrose bhag rahatha.aab to main roz raatonko mami ke boobs ke sath khel ne laga. Ek din line chala geyatha to hum chat per sone chale geye.main raat bhar soch rahatha aaj kese v karke mujhe mami ke sath sex karna hai.adhi raat ko main mami ke pairon ke niche chala geya or phirse saree or peti coat upar karne laga.usdin to main jo dekha tang rehgeya kyun ki isike pehle main chut sirf ek do war wo v blue pic main dekha tha.usdin moon ki light par rehithi to sab saaf saaf dikh rahatha.phir maine use jese chhune ka kosish kia to mami uth geyi to main had bada kar side pe sogeya. us raat to main pura dar geya tha.ager subha mami ne kisiko kehdia to maira halat pura kharap ho jayega.
Subha mujhe mami ne puchhi ki kaal raatki neend kesi thi to main samajh nehi paya ki ye kya kehna chahati hai.phir ek din maine computer pe game khel rahatha, usbaqt mami mere paas akar baith geyi  or puchhne lagi kya khel reheho to maine bola spiderman.fir wo boli ye sab kese khelte hain to main unhe samjhane baqt unki saree thoda breast ke chala geya tha to clivage saaf dikh rahatha. Main or khud ko control nehi kar paya or mera haath leke mami ke pichhwade main rakh dia or use pakad ke squeeze karne laga, mami ne kuch nehi boli to mera himmat badh geya or main jor jor se dabane laga. Fir kuch der baad bade mama ageyen to mamine unko kuch puchhne chalegeye.usdin maine bahot bar muth mara or socha ki aaj kuch v karke mujhe mami ko chod na hai.raat ko maine jaldi khake sogeya taki adhi raat ko mera nind tuth jaye isiliye bahot pani v pee liya tha.jab main raat ko karib 1 baje utha to dekha ki mami apni blouse sila rehihain.usbaqt mami sirf bra main thi, wo dekhke to mujhse raha nehi geya or intizar kia ki mami kab ake soyengi.phir 15 mins ke baad mami sone ageyi.maine karib aha ghanta wait kia phir as usal maine mami ki blouse khola boobs ko suck kiya or niche pairoke paas chala geya or saree upper karne laga,saree upper karte karte legs or hips per kiss karne laga.phir maine chut ke paas pahon geya,wo pura hair main full tha.
Phir maine chut ke ander ungli dalna suru kardia.ander bahot garam tha or maja v lag rahatha. us tym mujhe pata nehi tha ki uanha lick v kia jata hai.fir maine apna paint utar dia .usbaqt mera penish pura tight or eract hogeya tha.maine mami ki pairon ko thoda side kardia or dono paro ke bich main ageya.phir main mami ke upper sogeya or mere penish ko mamike chut ke ander dalne ki kosish kia per mujhe rasta hi nehi mil rahatha kyun ki wo mera first tym tha na.phir kese v karke mujhe rasta milgeya or main apna penish mamike chut ke ander! dal dia.esa lagrahatha jese maira usbaqt nikal jayega.phir maine dhakka lagana suru kardia.usbaqt mujhe kesa feel ho rahatha ye main likh ke bayan nehi kar sakta.kuch der ke bad maira nikal geya or maine mami ke chut ke ander hi jhad geya.mami ne aab tak v kuch response nehi di thi.fir main side main ageya or mami ke bobs ke sath khel ne laga. Ageke story ke liye mujhe mail Karen.wase mujhe auntiya bahot pasand hai.ager koi aunty mujhse friendship karne main interested hain to mujhe jarur mail Karen but plz sab secret email id iz Now bubye; I ll back with another story

Maje Ki Raat, Padosan K Sath

Hiii friends, ye bat ab ki hai jab mai naya naya kanpur me shift hua tha. Mere pados me ek aunty rahti thi, kasam se kya lagti thi. Gaand ek dum tight tight the, unki choochi itni tight thi ki unko bra pahnane ki jarurat hi nahi padti thi. Unki gaand ko dekhte hi mera lund khada ho jata hai aur hamesa unki choot chatne ka man karta tha. Mai choot chatne ka bahut saukin hu, jis ladki ya aunty ko choot chatwani ho wo muje facebook k cdcd145@gmail.Com par mile.
Fir kuch din baad pata chala ki unki 3 shaadi ho chuki hai maine tabi decide kiya ki inki choot marni hai kyoki jis ladki ko lund badalne ki adat ho jaye wo kabi ek lund se khus rah hi nahi sakta hai.
Ek din mai apne terrace par ghoom raha tha aur wo apne 2 saaal ki ladki ko lekar apne terrace par khadi thi. Maine baat karne ki sochi aur maine uski ladki ko khilaane k liye maga. Wo muje apni ladki de kar chali gayi. Wo ja rahi thi tab meri najar unki gaand par thi bahut tight gaqand thi unki. Mere itna josh chad gaya ki kuch samaj hi nahi aa raha tha, bus ek hath se ladki ko pakde tha aur ek hath se apna lund masal raha tha.
15 minute baad wo apne ladki ko lene ayi tab unki choochi dekh kar mujse raha nahi gaya aur maine soch liya ki ab chahe kuch bi ho jaye inki choochi daba kar rahunga. Jab wo ladki le rahi thi tab maine unki choochi sahla di, par wo kuch boli nahi muskarati hui chali gayi. Maine bi soch liya ki mamla set hai.
Ab to choochi dabane ka silsila aam ho gaya fir dhire dhire kiss tak baat pahuch gayi. Sali kutiya roj apna dabwati thi aur mujse roj sadka marwati thi.
Ek din uske husband 2 din k liye bahar gaye the. Saam ko terrace par mili aur choochi dabane aur kiss karne k baad usne mujse market se kuch saman lane ko kaha. Mai market chala gaya saman lene, jab mai saman le kar wapas aya to terrace par nahi thi. Fir mai uske ghar jane laga.
Ghar ka gate khula tha, main aise hi ander jane laga. Jaise hi mai ander ghusa, ander ka najara dekhte hi meri gaand fat gyi. Aunty naha kar bathroom se nikli thi. Unhone towel pahan rakha tha jo sirf choochi ko cover kiye tha. Mai apna lund sahlate sahlate uske passs gya aur saman dene laga aur muskara kar lene lagi tabi maine uska hath kheech kar usey kiss karne laga aur wo bi mera sath dene lagi.
Wahi maine uski towel niche gira di, ab wo poori nangi thi fir wo muje bed room me chalne k liye boli. Maine uski choochi kati aur chalne lga fir madarchod bol kar sssshhssss karne lagi.
Jab bed room me pahucha to mai usko lita kar uski choot chatne laga jaise hi maine muh uske choot par rakha uska kamra sssshhshshshhhssssss ki awaaj se gujne laga. Mai choot chatne me pperfect hu to maine poora muh uski choot me ghoosa diya aur jeebh se gudgudi karne laga, ye karte hi wo muje gaali bakne lag boli madarchod aram se kar ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh karne lagi.
Mai 10 minute tak apna muh uski choot me dale rakha aur saaap ki tarah tadapati rahi, fir wo jhad gayi aur mai uska sara ras pi gaya.
Fir wo mere pass ayi aur mere lund se khelne lagi. Madarchod sali sadka marne lagi, maine usse kaha ki mujse aise nahi jhadna, isko chooso. Fir usne muje nanga kiya aur mera choosne lagi. Mai chillane lga aaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooo. Maja aa raha tha pahli baar koi ladki mera mooh me le rahi thi.
15 minute baad mai jhad gaya aur wo sara ras pi gayi. Iske baad hum dono bed par let gaye aur bate karne lage., wo mere lund se khel rahi thi aur maine ek hath uski choot me dala rakha aur ek hath se uski choochi se khel raha tha.
Thodi der baad wo mera fir se muh me lene lagi, mera lohe ki tarah khada ho gaya. Maine usse kaha ki muje tum,hari gaand marni hai wo boli nahi meri choot maar lo par gaand nhi. Mai gaand marne k liye jid par laga raha. Wo boli dard hoga, maine usse vaseline magaya.
Pahle to maine uski gaand chat chat kar chikni ki fir uski gaand me vaseline lagayi aur apne lund me bi lagaya fir dhire dhire ghusane laga. Pahle to wo kuch nahi boli lekin jaise hi adha ander gay wo chillayi "madarchod maaaar daaalaa. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mar gayi", lekin mai laga raha. Fir wo rone lagi lekin maine raham nhi khayi aur ggand marta raha.
10 minute baad mai jhad gaya lekin wo nhi jhadi. Fir mai uski choot chatne laga aur jab tak chatta raha jab tak wo jhad nahi gayi.
Uske baad hum dono nahane chale gaye. Maine uski choot k niche apna muh laga liya aur jab wi pani apne upar dalti to sare badan se ho kar choot se hote huye mera muh me ja raha tha aur mai gatak gatak kar pita ja raha tha.
Iske baad usne bi aisa hi kiya., fir se mera khada ho gaya. Aur mai uski choot marne k liye agey bada to usne muje rok diya wo mujse boli ki "mai tumhari gaand marungi". Maine kaha kaise,
Usne choochi chikni ki aur usne meri gaand chaat chaat kar chikni kar di. Fir apni choochi meri gaand par ragdne lagi. Dosto itna acha ehsas tha ki mai bata nahi sakta.
Lagbhag 15 minute usne meri gaand maari. Uske baad maine shower chala diya aur usko bathroom me hi lita diya auruski choot chatne laga. Upar se pani gir raha tha aur niche mai choot chat raha tha aur wo nagin ki karwate badal rahi thi. Kya scene tha. Uske baad wo fir se jhad gayi aur mai uska sara ras pi gaya. Fir maine uske baitha kar uske muh sadka mara. Aur mera sara ras pi gayi.
Raat k 10 baj chuke they mai ghar par aa gaya. 2 din tak mai uski choot se khoob khela aur abi bi jab mauka milata hai to khelta hu.

Chachi Ki Neend Me Chudai

Maine is site ka 2 sal se niymit pathak hu, or aaj mai aapko apbhi apni ek story sunana chahta hu, mera nam deepak hai main dehradun se 30 km. Dur ek gaw mw rehta hu, mai 20 sal ka hu, hight 6 feet, gora rang or thoda patla hu. Baat pichhle sal ki hai, jab me graduation 1st year me tha, or ghar se college up down karta tha, mere chacha-chachi city me rehte hain, main aksar unke ghar chale jaya karta tha. Unke 2 bachhe the riya 9 or harsh 7 sal ka. Mai aapko chachi k bare me batata hu vo lagbhag 28 sal ki hai, gore rang ke sath hi shandar chuchiyon or bhari chutdo ki malikin hai,

Kad me thodi chhoti lagbhag 5’1” ki hai. To ab asal kahani pe aate hain, pehle chachi bhi humare sath gav me hi rehti thi or mai bachpan se hi unhe nangi dekhna chahta tha lekin meri ichha kabhi puri nahi hui, pichhle saal march 4th ko main college gaya, or waha se chacha ji k ghar chala gaya. Mere chacha ki apni dukan thi or vo har guruwar delhi mal lene jate the. Aaj bhi vo maal lene delhi gaye hue the. Mere chacha chachi se bahut sex karte the. Unka ek hi room tha or jab bhi mai kisi kam se waha rukta tha to chacha or chachi neeche sote the or raat ko chudai karte the

Or mai chachi ki siskariya sunta rehta tha, jissse mera bhi man chachi ko chodne ka hota tha. Aaj jab mai chachi k ghar pahucha to 2 baj rahe the or maine chachi ko pranam kiya. Fir chachi ne ghar k halchal puchhe, darasal meri chachi thoda chalu kism ki hai isliye mujhe vo pasand nahi thi meri bas unke sareer me dilchaspi thi. Thoda idhar udhar ki baate karne k baad chachi kam karne lagi or mai pichhe se, unki maxi me bani panty ki shape ko dekhne laga, sath hi mera lund bhi uttejit hone laga. Lekin thodi hi der me bachhe school se aa gaye or, bahut khus hue.

Unhone mujhse wahi rukne ki jid ki, to chachi ne b kaha ki aaj tumhare chacha bhi nahi hai aaj tum yahi ruk jao. Maine kaha thik hai or ghar pe phon kar diya ki mai aaj yahi rukunga. Mai bachho ke sath khelne laga, bhachho ne kaha ki bhaiya aaj movie dekhenge, to bhai or main chachi se puchhkar movie lene chale gaye, fir humne 7 baje hi dinner kar liya or fir hum movie dekhne lage “3 idiots”. 9 baje movie khatm ho gayi. Or bachhe so gaye. Chachi or mai thodi baate karne lage. Fir kuchh der baad chachi ne kaha ki ab neend aa rhi hai, to fir hum light off kar k so gaye.

Dono bachhe side me the to mai unke ek or so gaya or chachi mere bagal me so gayi, ab tk meri kabhi kuchh karne ki himmat nahi hui thi. Night bulb ki roshni me chachi pet k bal leti hui thi or unke chutad dekhne me mujhe maja aa raha tha. Maine neend ka bahana karte hue apna ek pair unke chutad par rakh diya. Vo achanak se uthi. Meri or dekha lekin mai sone ka naatak karta raha, chachi ne mera pair chutad par se hataya or seedhi let gayi. Mai dar gaya tha. Fir mai saas rok kar leta raha. Thodi der bad maine fir himmat karke apnaa ek hath chachi k pet per rakh diya. Koi halchal nahi hui.

Kuchh der tak hath rakhne k bad maine aage badne ka socha or ghutna modkar chachi ki jangh pe rakh diya. Or sone ka natak karta raha.chachi ka koi response nahi tha, meri himmat thodi badh gayi, or maine chachi ki jangh ko apne ghutne se ragadna suru kiya.chachi soyi hui thi thi confirm karne k liye maine chachi ki jangh dabai to chachi ne ek gehri saans li. Ab meri aankho se neeend gayab ho chuki thi mai baith gaya. Maine chachi ki maxi halke se uthakar jaangho tak kar di. Mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha lekin dar se gand bhi fat rahi thi.

Ab maine chachi k chehre ki or dekha vo so rahi thi, ab maine apni pant utaari or fir dheere se let gaya. Mera 6 inch ka lund khada ho chukka tha. Fir chachi ne karwat li or meri or chutad kar liye, maine mauka pakar maxi thodi or upar kar di. Ab mujhe chachi ki panty k darshan hue, maine lund likala or chachi ki gaaand k pas le gaya mai use chachi ke chutad se touch karna chahta tha. Lekin tabhi chachi pet ke bal let gayi. Mai dar gaya or seedha let gaya. Thodi der bad koi halchal nahi hui to maine dekha ab mere pas maxi upar karne ka achha mauka tha.

Maine dheere se maxi upar ki, mai night bulb ki roshni me chachi ki bade bade chutad dekh k pagal ho raha tha. Ab maine chachi ki chutdo pe apni jeebh lagayi or chatne laga. Mujhe laga ki chachi jag rahi hai or naatak kar rahi hai. Maine halke se chutdo pe kata to chachi ki siskari nikal gayi. Lekin chachi soi rahi, mai bahut khus hua. Ab maine dheere se chachi ki panty neeche kar di or chachi ne halke se gand uthakar mera sath diya ki mujhe pata na chale. Ab mai jaan chuka tha ki chachi natak kar rahi thi. Maine puri panty neeche utar di. Ab chachi seedhi ho gayi.

Maine unki maxi ko uthaya or unki mast gol or gadrai chuchiyon ko hath me le liya. Or masalne laga, mujhe lag rha tha ki unhe kha jau, or fir unhe muh me lekar choosne laga, mai hairan bhi tha ki chachi siskari le rahi thi lekin sone ka naatak bhi kar rahi thi. Ab baaji mere haath me thi main pure sareer ko chatte hue unki chut tak pahucha, jaha ghani or kaali jhate thi, maine jeebh se unke beech chupi chut ko muh me le liya or chatne laga, chachi maje le rahi thi, or mai to jannat mai tha. Chachi ki chut lagatar paani chhod rahi thi.

Ab mere liye sabr karna mushkil tha. Maine apna lund chachi ki chut pe rakha or ragadne laga. Aisa lag raha thaa jaise kisi garm chulhe pe ragad raha hu. Maine chachi ki tange failai or lund ko chut ke chhed pe rakha, halka sa dhakka diya or lund rasta banata hua andar jane laga, chachi ne fir siskari li or hatho se chadar tight se pakad li, dosto us pal aisa laga jaise apna lund maine kisi garm ras me dal diya hai. Itna maja aaya ki mai uski kalpana bhi nahi kar sakta tha. Maine ek or dhakka lagaya or lund chut ki deewaro se ragadta hua jad tak utar gaya, ab mai chachi k upar jhuk gaya chachi ne apne chehr pe chadar dal li thi. Or halke halke siskari le rahi thi.

Maine bachho ki or dekha dono so rahe the, ab maine lund ko andar bahar karna suru kiya. Or mera lund chachi ke chut k ras me gote lagane laga, meri speed badne lagi, or chachi ki siskariyan bhi, ab maine chachi k tango ko upar uthaya or dhakke lagane laga. Mera ghoda chachi ke chut k eras me teji se daud raha tha. Chachi k chutad bhi mere dhakko se tal mila rahe the, lagbhag 15 minut tak chodne k baad chachi ne apne pairo se mujhe daba liya or teji se chutad uchhalne lagi, maine bhi dhakko ki speed bada di or chachi k sath hi chhutne laga, chachi ne mujhe kaskar daba liya or maine apna veery chachi ki chut me hi dal diya, or chut k eras me meri janghe tar ho chuki thi or mai chachi k upar hi let gaya.

Chachi ki chuchiyan upar neeche ho rahi thi. Maine socha ki jab tak chachi nahi hatayegi mai chachi k upar se nahi hatunga. Isse chachi ko mere samne uthna padta. Kuchh der lete rehne k bad chachi ne badi chalaki se ek karwat li or mujhe apne upar se utar diya. Mera lund putt ki aawaj ki sath unki chut se bahar nikal gaya. Or vo vaise hi let gayi. Mai bhi bahut thak gaya tha or mujhe neend aa gayi. Subah jab meri neend khuli to 9 baj chuke the or bachhe school jaa chuke the main, fresh hokar aaya to dekha ki chachi

Nasta laga rahi thi mujhe raat ki baate yad aayi to mai chachi se aankhe nhi mila pa raha tha. Lekin chachi bilkul normal thi. Chachi boli ki kal raat mujhe theek se neend nahi aayi or kamar me bhi dard ho rha hai, tum thodi malish kar do…. Mai samajh gaya ki ab kya karna hai. Dosto ab agli story k liye intjar kijiye ki ab maine kaise khullam khulla chachi ki chut me lund ghusaya, or chachi ne bataya ki kyn rat ko unhone sone ka natak kiya….kaisi lagi meri story mail kijiye Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?

Monday, 28 January 2013

I Am Neela Mera Balatkar

Mai neela 22 sal ki khoobsoorat mahila hoon. Abhi do saal pahle meri shadi jaipur niwasi sharad se hui hai. Mai delhi ke green park me rahti thi meri ek nanad rashmi bhi karol bagh me rahti hai. Unke husband raj kumar thakur ka spare part ka business hai. Rashmididi bahut hi hansmukh mahila hai. Raj ji mujhe aksar gahri nazaron se ghoorte rahte the magar maine nazar andaz kiya. Mai bahut sexy ladki thi. Mere college me kafi chahne waale the magar maine sirf do ladkon ko hi lift di thi. Lekin maine kisi ko apna badan chhoone nahin diya. Mai chahti thi ki suhaag raat ko hi mai apna badan apne pati ke hawale karoon. Magar mujhe kya pata tha ki mai shadi se pahle hi samuhik sambhog ka shikaar hojaungi. Aur wo bhi aise aadmi se jo mujhe saari jindagi rondta rahega. Shaadi ki sari baatcheet reshma didi hi kar rahi thi isliye aksar unke ghar ana jana laga rahta tha. Kabhi kabhi mai sare din wahin ruk jaati thi. Ek baar to raat me bhi wahin rukna oada tha. Mere ghar waalon ke liye bhi ye normal baat ho gayi thi. Wo mujhe wahan jaane se nahin rokte the.

Shaadi ko sirf bees din baaki the. Aksar rashmididi ke ghar aana jaana padta tha. Is baar bhi unhon ne phone kar kaha, banno kal shaam ko ghar aja dono jewraton ka order dene challenge aur sham ko kahin khana wana khakar der raat tak ghar lautenge. Bata dena apni mummy se ki kal tu hamare yahin raat ko rukegi. Subah naha dhokar hi waps bhejoongi. “jee ap hi mummy ko bata do na” maine phone mummy ko pakda diya. Unhon ne mummy ko convince kar liya. Agle din shaam ko 6.0 o’clock ko taiyaar ho kar apni hone wali nanad ke ghar ko nikli. Khub gahra makeup kar rakha tha. Shardiyon ke din the isliye andhera chhane laga tha. Mai karol bagh stith unke ghar par pahunchi. Darwaja bund tha. Maine bell bajaya. Kafi der baad raj ji ne darwaja khola. “didi hain?” maine poochha. Wo kuchh der tak mere badan ko upar se neeche tak ghoorte rahe kuchh bola nahin. “hatiye aise kya dekhte rahten hain mujhe. Bataun didi ko” maine unse majak kiya”kahan hai didi?” unhon ne bedroom ki taraf ishara kiya aur darwaje ko band kar diya. Tab tak bhi mujhe koi aswabhawik kuchh nahin laga.

Magar bedroom ke darwaje par pahunchte hi mujhe chakkar a gaya. Andar do admi bed par baithe huye the. Unke badan par sirf shorts tha. Upar se we nivastra the. Unki hathon me sharab ke glass the. Aur samne tray me kuchh snacks aur ek adhi bottle rakhi hui thi. Achanak paas me nazar gayi. Paas me tv par koi blue film ki cd chal rahi thi. Mera dimag thanka maine wahan se bhag jane me hi apni bhalai samjhi. Wapas jane ke liye jaise hi mudi raj ki chhati se takra gayee. “jaanu itni jaldi bhi kya hai. Kuchh der humari mahfil me bhi to baitho. Didi to kuchh der baad a jayegi.” kahkar usne mujhe jor se dhakka diya. Mai unlogon ke beech ja giri. Unhon ne darwaza ander se band kar liya. “mujhe chhod do meri kuchh hi dinon me shadi hone wali hai. Jijaji aapto mujhe bacha lo mai apke sale ki hone wali biwi hoon.” maine unke samne hath jod kar minnaten ki. “bhai mai bhi to dekhoon tu mere sali ko santusht kar payegi ya nahin.” mai darwaje ko thokne lagi,”didi didi mujhe bachao” ki awaj lagane lagi. ” teri didi to achanak apne mayke jaipur chali gayi tumhari hone waali saas ki tabiyat achanak kal raat ko kharab ho gayi thi” darwaje kae paas akar mujhe lagbhag ghaseette huye bed tak le gaye.

“mujhe tera khyal rakhne ko kah gayi thi isliye aaj saari raat hum tera khyal rakhenge.” kahkar usne mere badan se chunni noch kar fenk di. Teenon mujhe ghaseette huye bed par lekar aye. Kuchh hi der me mere badan se salwar aur kurta alag kar diye gaye. Mai dono hathon se apne yovan ko chhupane ki asfal koshish kar rahi thi. Teen jodi hath meri chhatiyon ko buri tarah masal rahe the. Aur mai chhootne ke liye hath pair chala rahithi aur bar bar unse raham ki bheekh mangti. Fir meri chhatiyon par se brassier noch kar alag kar di gayi. Teenon meri chhatiyon ko masal masal kar lal kar diye the. Fir nipples chhosne aur katne ka daur chala. Mai dard se cheekhi ja rahi thi. Magar sunne wala koi nahin tha, ek ne mere munh me kapda thoons kar use meri orni se bandh diya jisse mere munh se awaj na nikle. Achanak do ungliyan mere tangon ki jod par pahunch kar panti ki ektaraf sarka diya aur dono ungliyan badi bedardi se meri yoni me pravesh kar gayi. Kunwari chut par eh pehla humla tha isliye mai dard se chihuk uthi. “are yaar ye to pura solid maal hai. Bilkul unchhui” logon ki ankhon me bhook kuchh aur badh gayee. Meri panty ko chah hathon ne fad kar tukde tukde kar diya. Mai ab bilkul nivastra unke beech leti hui thi. Maine bhi ab apne hathiyaar daal diye.

“dekh hum to tujhe chodenge jaroor. Agar tu bhi hamari madad karti hai to yeh ghatna jindagi bhar yaad rahegi aur agar too hath pair marti hai to hum tere saath buri tarah se balatkaar karenge jise bhi tu sari umr nahin bhoolegi. Ab bol tu humare khel me shamil hogi ya nahin.” maine munh se kuchh kaha nahin magar apne sharir ko dheela chhod diya. Is se unko pata lag gaya ki ab mai unka virodh nahin karoongi. “please bhaiya mai kunwaari hoon” maine ek akhri koshish ki. “har ladki kuchh din tak kunwari rahti hai. Ab chal uth.” raj ne kaha”agar tu raji khushi karwa leti hai to dard kum hoga aur agar humen jor jabardasti karni pade to nuksaan tera hi hoga.” mai rote huye uth kar khadi ho gayi.”hathon ko apne sir par rakho.” maine waisa hi kiya. “taanogon ko chaudi karo” “ab peechhe gumo” unhon ne mere nagn shareer ko har angle se dekha. Fir teenon uthkar mere badan se jonk ki tarh chipak gaye. Mere angon ko tarah tarah se masalne lage. Mujhe kheench kar bistar par lita diya aur meri tangon ko chauda kar ke ek to meri yone se apne honth chipka diya . Dosra mere stanon ko buri tarah se choos raha tha masal raha tha. Mara kunware badan me anand poorn sihran daurne lagi. Mera virodh poori tarah samapt ho chukka tha. Mai aah ooooh kar siskariyan bharne lagi.

Meri kamar apne aap uske jeebh ko adhik se adhik andar lene ke liye oopar uthne lage. Apne hathon se doosre ka munh apne stanon par dabane lagi. Achanak mere badan me ek ajeeb se thartharahat hui aur meri yoni me kuchh bahta hua maine mahsoos kiya. Ye tha mera pahla veeryapat jo kisika lund undar gaye bina hi ho gaya tha. Mai nidhal ho gayee. Magar kuchh hi der me wapas garm hone lagi. Tabtak raj apne kapde khol kar poori tarah nagn ho gaya tha. Mai ek tak uske tantanaye huye ling ko dekh rahi thi. Usne mere sir ko hathon se thama aur apna ling mere honthon se sata diya. “munh khol” unhon ne kaha. “nnnnnhh” munh ko jorse band kiye huye maine inkaar me sir hilaya. “abhi ye saali munh nahin khol rahi hai. Iska ilaj kar.” raj ne meri yoni se sate huye admi se kaha. Abhi ne meri clitoris ko danton ke beech daba kar kat diya. Mai “aaaaaaah” karke chhekh uthi aur uska mota tagda ling mere munh me samata chala gaya. Mere munh se “goon gooon” jaisi awajen nikal rahi thi. Uske ling se alag tarah ki smell arahi thi mujhe ubkai jaisi ayee aur mai uske ling ko apne munh se nikal dena chahti thi magar raj mere sir ko sakhti se apne ling par dabaye huye tha. Jub mai thodi shant hui to uska ling mere miunh ke andar bahar hone laga.

Adha ling bahar nikaal kar fir se teji se andar karr deta tha. Ling gale tak pahunch jata tha. Isi tarah kuchh der tak mere munh ko chodta raha tab tak baki dono bhi nagn ho chuke the. Raj ne apna ling munh se nikal liya. Uski jagah doosre ek ne apna ling mere munh me daal diya. Raj meri taangon ki taraf chala gaya. Usne mere dono tango ko faila diya aur apna ling meri yoni se chhuaya. Mai uske ling ke pravesh ka intezaar karne lagi. Usne apni do ungliyon se meri yoni ki fankon ko ek doosre se alag kiya aur dono ke beech apne ling ko rakha. Fir ek jor ke jhatke ke sath uska ling meri yoni ke deewaron se ragad khata hua kuchh andar chala gaya. Samne pravesh dwar band tha. Ab agle jhatke ke sath usne us dwar ko par kar liya. Tej adrd ke karan meri ankhen chalak ayee. Aisa laga mano ko lohe ka sariya mere aar paar kar diya ho. Meri tangen dard se chatpatane lagi. Magar mai cheekh nahin pa rahi thi kyoki ik mota ling mere galle ko puri tarah se bedh rakha tha. Raj apne ling ko poora andar daal kar kuchh der tak ruka.

Mera dard dheere dheere kam hone laga to usne bhi apne ling ko harkat de di. Wo teji se ander bahar hone laga. Meri yoni se ris ris kar khoon ki boonden chadar par girne lagi. Teesra mere stanon ko masal raha tha. Mere badan me ab dard ki jagah maje ne le li. Raj mujhe jor jor dhakke laga raha tha. Uska ling kafi andar tak mujhe chot kar raha tha. Jo mujhe mukh maithun kar raha tha wo jyada der nahin ruk paya aur mere munh me apne ling ko poora ander kar veerya ki pichkari chod di. Yeh pahla wakaya tha jab maine kisi ka veerya chakha. Mujhe utna bura nahin laga. Usne apne tapakt huye ling ko bahar nikala. Veerya ki kuchh boonden mere gallon aur honthon par giri. Honthon se ling tak veerya ka ek maheen tar sa juda hua tha. Tabhi raj ne apni raftaar badha di aur jor jor se dhakke dene laga. Har dhakke ke sath”hunh hunh” ki awaj nikal rahi thi. Mere sharer me wapas enthan hone lagi aur merei yoni se pani chhut gaya. Wo tab bhi rukne ka naam nahi le raha tha. Koi adhe ghante tak lagatar dhakke maarne ke baad wo dheema hua. Uska ling jhatke lene laga. Mai samajh gayee ab uska veerya pat hone wala hai. “please andar mat dalo mai pregnant nahin hona chahti.” maine gidgidate huye kaha. Magar meri minneten sunne wala kaun tha wahan.

Usne dher sara verya meri yoni me dal diya. Uske ling ke bahar nikalte hi jo admi mere stanon ko laa kar diya tha wo kood kar mere janghon ke beech pahuncha aur ek jhatke me apna ling andar kar diya. Uska utawlapan dekh kar aisa lag raha tha mano kitne hi din se bhookha ho. Kuchh der tak jor jor se dhakke marne ke baad wo bhi mere upar dher ho gaya. Kuchh der susta lene ke karan jis admi ne mere sath much maithun kiya tha uska ling wapas khada hone laga. Usne mujhe chaupaya bana kar mere peechhe se yoni me apna ling pravesh kara diya. Wo peechhe se dhakke mar raha tha jiske karan mere bade bade stan kisi pedh ke falon ki tarah hil rahe the. “le ise choos kar khada kar” kah kar raj ne apne dheele pade ling ko mere munh me thoons diya. Usme se ab hum dono ke veerya ke alawa mere khoon ka bhi taste a raha tha. Use mai choosne lagi. Dheere dheere uska ling wapas tan gaya. Aur tej tej mera much maithun karne laga. Ek baar jhade hone ke karan is baar dono mujhe age peechhe se ghante bhar thokte rahe. Fir mere upar neeche ke chhedon ko veerya se bharne ke baad dono. Bistar par ludhak gaye. Mai buri tarah thak chuki thi. Mai dheere dheere unka sahara lekar uthi aur bathroom me jakar apni yoni ko saaf kiya.

Wapas akar dekha ki chadar me dher sara khoon laga hua hai. Mai wapas bistar par dher ho gayee. Khane peene ka daur khatm hone ke baad wapas hum bedroom me agaye. Un me se ek admi ne mujhe wapas kuchh der ragda aur hum nagn ek doosre se lipat kar so gaye . Subah ek daur aur chala. Fir mai apne kapde pahan kar ghar chali ayee. Kapdon ko pahanne me hi meri jaan nikal gayee. Stanon par kale neele jakhm ho rahe the. Kai jagah danton se chamdi kat gayi thi. Bra pahante huye kafi dard hua. Janghon ke beech bhi soojan ho gayee thi. Raj ne yeh baat kisi ko bhi nahin kahne ka aswasan diya tha. Pata chalne par shadi tootne ke chance the isliye maine bhi apni juban band rakhi. Suhaag raat ko mere pati dev se mai ye raaj chhupane me kamyaab rahi. Shaadi ke baad raj delhi wapas chala gaya. Aaj bhi jab meri nanad jaipur ati hai apne maike, raj mere saath ek adh baar jaroor sambhog karta hai.